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Women in Leadership Incubator

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Karen Morley
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Experience peer-based accelerated leadership career growth.

This is a program for early-to-mid career women who have the talent and ambition to lead. Learn collaboratively and flexibly.

Outcomes for individuals:

  • Experience accelerated leadership growth
  • Increase your presence and personal impact
  • Develop your confidence and resilience
  • Consciously design your career and make the best choices for you and your organization

Outcomes for organizations

  • Increase your leadership talent pool
  • Proactively support women to accelerate their careers
  • Improve the diversity of your leadership pipeline
  • Retain talented women

Here is the program outline:

Navigating your learning

Tips for navigating around the online system, knowing what's where, what are assessments and how to keep a record of your learning.

Webinar 1: Introduction to the program

In this webinar, you will be introduced to the program and how it works, discuss your context, and learn more about your learning partners. Power up your inspiration and energy for your leadership career.

1. Why viewing women's careers through a gender lens matters

Women traditionally do not have the same access to leadership opportunities and roles. This introductory module explains why.

2. Your lens on you: how do you see yourself?

Some simple self-assessments kick off the program.

Webinar 2: New ways to focus yourself and your growth

In this webinar, explore the impact of gender beliefs on leadership and what impact that has for you. Identify what's important for you to focus on as you develop. Share goals, tips and commitments with your learning colleagues.

3. Your vision, purpose and values

Clarify and articulate these important career guides. Set your career course.

4. Expand your presence

Develop greater confidence in telling your own story, improve your communication skills, understand the traps that affect how women are perceived, increase your presence.

Webinar 3: Creating greater clarity through your purpose and presence

In this webinar, share and test your leadership aspiration, values and motives. Gain more insight into your presence, and how you can increase your impact.

5: Motivating and inspiring others

Understand more about motivation, and the levers you can use to increase the engagement of others. Flex your leadership style, and increase your inspirational power.

6. An integrated life: your life, your career, your way

Confirm and clarify your future career and life goals. Confirm your leadership narrative - who are you and how do you want the world to understand you? Create action plans for being your best self and achieving your aspirations in the future.

Webinar 4: Your future career

Review your goals and action plans moving forward. Get set on your way to a powerful leadership career.

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